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Happy Halloween From Our Headless AI

Embed Kelvin Agent into any existing product or system

Embed Kelvin Agent into any existing product or system

Happy Halloween from our Headless AI Agent to you and yours! If you look closely, you’ll see that this WordPerfect-themed command line interface shows the table that Daniel Katz posted yesterday (including Lucille’s bonus).

Would you really run an M&A diligence checklist in the command line?

Probably not (unless you’re me).

Would you really design a modern UI to look like Halloween WordPerfect?

Sadly, no.

So, what’s the point of this screenshot?

It proves that behind our Kelvin Chat interface, the Agent has no Head - or more accurately, that you can easily swap user interfaces, should you so desire.

The beauty of Kelvin Agent is that you can embed its capabilities into any product or system you already have, from vanilla O365 to whichever DMS, ELM, or CRM you live in day-to-day.

Stay tuned for more content from Jessica Katz and Jillian Bommarito on agents soon, including what they are, how to manage them, and how they work.

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